Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Just Nan COMPLETE Product List?

Hi again everyone :)
No photos to share, but a question to ask and suggestions and advice requested too please.

Firstly, am I the only one that gets frustrated at how difficult it is to find information on some of Just Nan's older or limited edition designs, frames, embellishments etc.?

Yes Nan provides an excellent site, better than most, but it isn't complete, and navigating and trying to find info can be difficult. The number of times I've found information on her site by searching for 'just nan insert design name here' on GOOGLE, and coming up with a page on her site is legion.
e.g. Peacock Tapestry -
I can find NO information on it when using the nagivation features on her site, but I get the above link when I search on Google.

And there are some designs I can hardly find ANY information on, like this gorgeous Garden Glamour limited edition kit she did by a fellow stitcher Emily.
Check out the rest of her album btw, she has some stunningly finished JNs in there :D

I have been thinking for some time about compiling a more "complete" list of ALL of Just Nan's designs. This is going to be a work in progress because I don't know all the designs she has done, and am always discovering new ones.
My question is, would such a list be useful to Just Nan fans like yourself?
What sort of information would you like to see on it?
Photos are a must of course, but this isn't a list I can compile on my own since I don't have many of these designs, and there is precious little official material out there. The ONLY image of Garden Glamour I have seen is Emily's!
So I would also need help.

What do you guys think? Worth doing?


  1. That Garden Glamour design is gorgeous.

    What you're talking about sounds like a tremendous feat. I usually just look at what is on the designer's site, in the ONSs, or something I have seen before. I have never been too interested in collecting all of something or other, I just go with the parts I have seen and like. Sometimes when designs go out of print, you will eventually find them on ebay but they cost quite a bit more than the original price.

    I hope you can find help in your endeavor but I probably can't be much help.

  2. I don't think it would be about collecting all the designs, but more about knowing what IS available. If you don't know a design exists, how can you know if you want to stitch it or not?
    Plus when I see a design someone else has stitched, I want to be able to recognise it instead of wondering "What IS that!?"

    I guess I am one of those awful people that likes to know as much about my favourite designers and artists as possible (i.e. an obsessed fan) LOL!

  3. I can tell you that Garden Glamour was a limited edition released last year at the Stitching Celebration in Kentucky. There was also a whimizi called 'Reindeer Games' released at that time as well. A fellow stitcher was going to get them for me but then wound up NOT going to the celebration. I was so disappointed :( Oh well. Eventually Nan will probably release these but a little 'different' of a twist on it. For example, Frost on the Pumpkin was a limited release at the very last CATS as well as Candy Cane Snowflake. She 'redid' Frost a little bit and released it again this past fall. I'll post pictures of both later so you can see them.

  4. This is an interesting idea.
    Temptation to browse the list and pictures is very dangerous. LOL

  5. I think this would be a great idea... and even better if we could put up links of places where you might be able to get those hard to find charms or patterns perhaps?

  6. Thanks ladies :)
    I'll get to work on this list this weekend once I have some contract work done.
    I will be coming back for more info, photos etc! ;)