Sunday, June 21, 2009

Collaboration Sampler

Hello everyone! :)

Came across a new Just Nan design (ok, new for me!) and after a bit of Googling discovered it was part of a collaboration Nan did with Charland Designs & The Shepherd's Bush.

The Google-force was with me today, as I also found newsletters from a stitching guild that HAD the designs in them. Looks like they were complimentary designs; and since the newsletters weren't hidden in any way on their website, I thought I'd give you the link so you can download the news letters yourself for each chart and we wouldn't be breaking any rules.

Look for the following in the table:

Collaboration Sampler, Part I
Collaboration Sampler, Part II
Collaboration Sampler, Part III

p.s. sorry if you knew about this already; just sharing JUST incase ya don't; Just Nan fans FOREVER!!!

*coughs* sorry, have had WAY too much sugar today.... ^___^

p.s. if you want to see what this looks like stitched up; found some photos online:
Nan Caldera's part is the peacocks, just in case it wasn't obvious.


  1. This sampler is sooo pretty. Thanks for finding it for us Zeb; you are awesome.

  2. The link for the newsletter with the Just Nan portion led to an error page! Darn! Any advise?

  3. Okay, it worked after about 5 trys! Thanks Zeb!

  4. That was so weird Kat! I really hope it was just an interim problem on their end. I've saved the pdfs anyway, so if ever the site did go down, I've got them for anyone that wants em :)

  5. Thanks Zeb, what a great find!