Monday, June 22, 2009

New member

I just finished a Just Nan piece, but it is an exchange, so when my partner receives it, I will post the pics. I have many Just Nan in my stash and have many more on my wish list. I know that my eyes are bigger than the ability to stitch it all. Such is the life of a cross stitch addict. Keep stitching, Keep smiling and always remember to ENJOY!


  1. Welcome to the group Kate!
    Since ye can't show us pics of the exchange, how about pics of the purty Just Nan stash =D

    Yes yes I live vicariously LOL!

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood kate!

  3. Welcome welcome to our very wonderful group of addicts!

  4. Welcome!

    Stitching is addictive... and it's a great addiction as it doesn't hurt you, except maybe your bank account. ;)