Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm in a Tropical Mood

Just Nan
Sirens of the Sea

This progress photo is for my friends out there who are about to stitch this and wanted to see how it is stitching up. I am using dmc floss and the colors are gorgeous on this piece!

As usual, I have not stuck to the chart. I have strayed a little but not a lot. The greens at the top are dmc variations #4050 which I think really sets off the mood for this piece and brings the tropic into it. The pinks in the corners are very tropical too which are as charted for dmc.

As I have mentioned previously, I didn't like all of the over 1 stitching of the letters so I did some of those with an alphabet from Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs.

This is probably about half way or close to half way to completion.


  1. Its coming along beautifully! I got the recommended fabrics today and am not impressed so am hoping to hear from Country Stitch too for another fabric I had in mind.

    Quick question, how large is the entire design in inches would you say?

  2. Thank you Zeb! To find the size divide 1/2 the fabric count by the number of stitches in the design. I am using 28 count fabric and the design count is 157 high x 59 wide. So I will divide 157 x 14 (because I am stitching over 2 fabric threads) and the finished height will be: 11.21 inches and the width will be 4.21 inches. (I made an error posting the inches on my blog on my previous post, am fixing it now.)

  3. You are stitching so fast!
    It looks great