Thursday, June 4, 2009

Queen of the Needle Sampler Sewing Case

Hi everyone, thought I'd give a heads up to anyone looking to purchase the Silver Needle Class Exclusive Just Nan design 'Queen of the Needle Sampler Sewing Case.'

It is being sold in this auction at a pretty good price imho, but unfortunately I cannot purchase it. Pains me too, because I really want this, but have sworn off buying any more stash until I've gotten a job. And of course, by then, this auction will be over *sighs*

Goodluck to anyone who does decide to bid :)

p.s. would rather something like this go to a JN fan than someone who would buy to on-sell, or worse, scan.


  1. Just in case anyone is interested; this auction ended at US $428.13.

    A PHENOMENAL amount. I wonder of Nan is aware of this?

  2. Wow...what a pretty sampler though. Just beautiful. Don't you hate it when things are not reprinted so that those who want to make a design doesn't have to pay a really super high price for the pattern because it is out of print. I would love to make this sampler. Is there a Just Nan fairy out there somewhere?