Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009 Over the Top Tin Series Snow

Here is the first tin of the 2009 season called Snow, done on the the required fabric with DMC. I enjoyed doing this one as I love the birds! They are so cute! It's like they are yelling "HEY YOU THERE...FEED ME!" The little mitten is a needle case and was a challenge to sew together but with persistance, I did it. I have a quite a few more Nan's to share but I'll need to take pictures of them...more later!


  1. Utterly and COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!! *melts into a puddle from the cute over dose!*

    What made the mitten needlecase a challenge? Frankly any finishing is a challenge to me since I am so new at it, but would be curious to know for future reference.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos!!!

  2. This is so adorable Lori! It is so nice to see the up close photos of these lovely pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The wool likes to 'grow' as you stitch it together making it challenging to keep it together. I had to constantly 'trim' it as I stitched it along. It did turn out better than I thought it would.