Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sourcing Just Nan charms, embellishments and frames....

Hi all, just thought I'd share these two sites with you... in case you're having trouble sourcing some of Just Nan's harder to find charms, embellishments and frames...

Susan Clarke Originals - for charms & embellishments

Ashleigh Manor - for frames (although they don't sell direct, there are a few stores online that do sell their frames.) Thanks to a fellow Just Nan fan who passed this on to me.

Does this make your heart sing? It sure did mine when I discovered it! :D

Search her site, there are HEAPS more.


  1. Those are awesome. I got a freebie that those would look great on.

  2. I have Dragonfly Summer which actually calls for that dragonfly charm GoldenAngels! I despaired of ever being able to find the charm though (especially after the Silver Needle reported back to me and said that they had the charm up by mistake and they no longer had any copies left!)
    Ended up ordering THREE of that dragonfly, three different colours cause I didn't know which I liked best XD

  3. They have so many gorgeous beads, charms and buttons, I can totally see myself incorporating them into many of the charts I have :)

  4. Mel I just received the three dragonflies I ordered; oh god they're prettier in person and exactly the same as the ones used for Just Nan's designs!

    Now I need to resist the urge to start stitching Dragonfly Summer ASAP and finish the fantasy exchange I am working on first! XD