Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Nan Ornaments

Going crazy for Ornaments? It is almost Christmas in July time! :)

I have done numerous Just Nan ornaments over the years... here is a sample of a few I have completed that I had photos on hand of. I do hope they continue to release these Whimzi ornaments as they are so cute!


  1. I heartily agree Mel! Although I must admit to a small amount of frustration. There are so many Whimzis released I have never even heard of, and Nan doesn't list on her site. Usually really limited edition stuff :(
    These are the designs I would love to stitch as so many are adorably cute!

    Beautiful stitching btw! I haven't got any of these three either!

  2. Yes... limited editions also drive me crazy Zeb!
    They are too hard to find if you miss them... and sometimes they are wayyy out of my price range. (Like Harmony that was released a little while ago) but I suppose that is how they are making some good money off their very loyalist.

    I have a few old Just Nan patterns I'd be willing to trade with someone... maybe I should post them up and see if any are ones others are looking for....

  3. What cute little ornaments! Perfect for quick stitching.

  4. Well if your list includes anything on my wishlist I'll be interested :)
    Depends on the price; need to hold off buying anymore stuff until my insurance money comes through!

    And I have noticed how quite a few designers are really playing off the "extras." Whether it's embellishments, charms, silks or frames. Thankfully (for most) we have a choice on whether or not we want to get the extras... but yes, Harmony was an interesting one... and in some ways, I hope NOT a sign of things to come :(

  5. Those are so cute. I really love the four snowmen piece.

  6. I'm ashamed to say I've stitched these too! (hanging I love how you did yours. Someday I'll post mine! The Whimzis are some of my favorite...wait until Halloween when I take a picture of my Nan tree!

  7. NAN tree? Do we HAVE to wait!?!?! LOL!