Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Nan SAL

Hello all :)
I've noticed a serious lack of Just Nan stitching in the last few months. Here on this blog, out in the blogging world, and even my own stitching rotation.

With 2014 fast approaching, would anyone be interested in a Just Nan SAL? The aim would be to work on something Just Nan related, and at the end of the month post photos of what you've done?

If you're keen, I'll write up the details and post it on my blog. It would be awesome if we can share this far and wide, to bring more people into the world of Just Nan :)

Incentive to join (not that you need one right?): To add a little spice, excitement and motivation into the mix… I will do a give away each month. You are automatically entered if you’ve posted a photo that month. The give away will be Just Nan related. Of course! :)

Edit: The Just Nan 2014 SAL information can be found on this website. Sign up! :)


  1. If I can work it into my other stitching, would be nice. Would we work on the same piece or whatever Just Nan

  2. I'm in! Just posting here to get the hat trick of confirmations LOL

  3. LOL yay! So glad people are interested :) I've put the page together for the SAL and you can read it here: