Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday In Ice

Stitched this for a Christmas Exchange I am taking part in. The design is a 1997 complimentary by Just Nan called 'Holiday In Ice.'

After some initial froggy moments (where I stitched some stitches in one angle, and others in another) the stitching went fast. Took some creative liberties with this design. It called for round eyelets, but I decided to go for smyrna crosses, which I then highlighted with Kreinik 002 #4 Braid for that extra bit of sparkle. It also called for two different bead colours, but I opted to just use the gold one on the design.
The finishing was painless (other than finding a template for a square that small) and after a bit of trial and error, I decided to do free form bead clusters on each corner, and I must say, it turned out quite nicely. Tried to take a photo that would show the rainbow pearlescent shimmer of the larger beads in those corners, which I picked to complement the Kreinik within the stitching. Really really pleased with how this turned out. Posted it off this morning, so I hope the recipient likes it!


  1. You feel free to send that my way now! LOL How's the job going??? It turne out just beautiful, truly it did. :)

  2. LOL Lori I have something super special planned for you! ;)

    New job is highly busy and stressful, but hey, it pays me so I can get Just Nan pretties! :D

    Thanks Carol!

  3. What the pattern for this ornament a chart that you received from your local cross sitching store. I would love the pattern if it was. That isn't infringing on copywrite is it. I have some old compliment patterns somewhere that I got years ago. I will have to look for them.