Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nan's Scream House

Construction is up and away on this one! I so love Halloween and I finally sat down to stitch this one up. I'm backstitching as I go but will attach the beads last before assembly. Beginning construction pictures are on my blog :) I'm excited too because next week my Counting Bats and my Tin should be coming! Yeah!
Oh and I found out late last week that Nan's new little charm box is a bird! So we have Scarlet, Bella, and a bird named Noelle! That should be out next month after the market. Yeah! Enjoy!


  1. Seeing your pictures I'm tempted to start mine. But no, I must get some other stuff finished first. What does the bird look like, do you know?

  2. Jen, I do not know what it looks like, only what was said in the newsletter. I tried to look for it but haven't given up yet! :)