Friday, July 31, 2009

New Nan Tin-Spooky

This is Nan's new tin coming out in late August...if you're not on the automatic, I suggest you snatch this one up quick! By far being a major fan of Halloween, I think this one is the best yet. The top of the tin is a witches hat! I LOVE it. Lori


  1. ZOMG that is adorable! But why hasn't Nan updated her site with it, and her new Halloween Sampler? :(
    And no newsletter either!

  2. I know...I was shocked to see that some of the online shops had pics of that stuff but no news yet from Nan....

  3. Halloween sampler??? What Halloween sampler?? Has anyone got a link? I wanna see too!!! lol

  4. This one Marie!

  5. The new newsletter is up:

    All the Halloween things are there to see. I read somewhere that they are arriving in shops August 24, but now I can't remember where I saw that.

    Also, check out Silver Needle's new JN exclusive, another 15-sided biscornu with 5 Christmas pins!

    If that weren't enough, here is the blurb from the JN booth for the upcoming trade show in September:

    Introducing Noella, the Christmas bird who sings good cheer on our 2009 framed ornament and then appears as our latest jeweled box complete with stitching treasure nestled inside. Our autumn offering is Hootzi Humbug accented with an Owl Pin and the first in a new series of "FF&E Humbug constructions". Your stitchers will love our Pink Christmas Needle Slide and the Robin Pinecone Pin they can hide inside.


    Lots of new goodies!