Tuesday, July 14, 2009

March Hare and Frost on the Pumpkin

This is Nan's March Hare Whimzi that she had out in 2006. He was so much fun to stitch. I have a really big weakness for these whimzi's. I can't WAIT to show you my Nan whimzi Halloween Tree. I may have to get it out and decorate it just to post a pic for you!

Her original Frost on the Pumpkin was in a Whimzi form that she had as a limited edition at the last CATS in Hershey. I was fortunate enough to have a fellow stitchy friend pick me up one since my travels are limited.
Lori :)


  1. That little bunny is sooo cute and I love that little bunny frame too.

  2. *paws screen* lucky ducky!!! Those are two I'd kill to stitch XD

    I love the whimzis too, but am lamenting my desire to stitch em all on the recommended fabrics cause it means I must wait!