Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Jumping For Joy & Daffodil Run
My Fair Ladybug, Big Bee Little Bee

Wintry Mix, Nosegay Ornamental Treasures I, Jasmine Mix

Welcome to the Just Nan Blog. I started this blog because Just Nan is one of my favorite designers. I love their nature themes, their band samplers, and their flair for color and design. Pictured here are some of my favorite Just Nan pieces that I have stitched over the years. I hope you will join me in my enthusiasm for this very special designer. Please leave a comment with your e-mail address if you wish to join.


  1. Also I wanted to comment and say how beautiful your finished Just Nan pieces are :)
    Especially loving Peacock Majesty and hope to god I can find that design (and charm!) one day so I can stitch it too!

  2. Sorry for the spam comments, but I am way too excited so ha!
    Quick question, I don't recognise the lovely Just Nan design on the third picture to the absolute right, what design is that?

  3. Thank you Zeb for joining and for your nice comments. Unfortunately, I no longer possess Peacock Majesty. In the above photo going from left to right I have: Summer Stroll, Peacock Majesty, Summer Night, and lastly is Miss Kitty's Dragons. Your comments are welcome anytime.

  4. Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply that I wanted your copy of Peacock Majesty (eek!) no no, it was just me thinking out loud (or, in text so to speak!) my desires :)

    And sorry I should have been more clear, the third design to the right of this image: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_iUbndNJkVLg/SiV6yrBbABI/AAAAAAAAEpE/VROHSEFIFmU/s1600-h/Just+nan+002.JPG

    Mind if I post a new blog entry to this blog of my latest JN stash? =D

  5. The additional photos are: top photo:left jumping for joy and running rabbits.

    middle photo is:left My Fair Lady bug and Big bee, Little Bee.

    bottom photo:left wintry mix, center ?, right is jasmine mix.

  6. You can post any Just Nan related posts and as often as you like.

  7. Thanks Tracy :)
    The one in the same photo as Jasmine Mix in the centre is Nosegay, Ornamental Treasures I

  8. Please include me. I have got some Just Nan freebies I would love to start... and having you all around may just get me inspited to do one.

  9. p.s. it's funny, the chart photos for Just Nan designs are usually very re-presentative of the final result... but your stitching of Jasmine Mix blows the chart photo out of the water Tracy! It is so going on my wishlist XD