Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scream Girls and Trick ORTreat Box

I finished these last year but I have to admit, the Trick ORTreat Box by far is one of my favorites that Nan has put out to date (that and Scream House which I can't wait to start soon). I'm anxious for Halloween to come so I can show you all my Nan Tree. This ornament is a part of it!

The Trick ORTreat Box was a Silver Needle exclusive a few years back. My advise to you is to get her exclusives when you can when the Silver Needle puts them out. For some reason, the Silver Needles exclusives are just AWESOME and worth getting even if you don't do them for a while. Also, this was my very FIRST finish on my own, so please excuse the sloppy spots. I was scared to death to finish it and it took me two very long days to do it! lol Enjoy!


  1. Utterly and complete beautiful Lori! And totally envying you the ort box XD
    I regret not getting it when it was available at The Silver Needle, but I can rest assured that I WON'T miss out in future!

    I can't wait for Halloween either, looking forward to seeing this tree!

  2. It is wonderful! Well, worth the effort. What a treasure to own one of these rare pieces.

  3. That is way too cute... I love them both.

  4. Beautifully done. I never let them go now. I didn't get the ort box at the time but was lucky enough to get just the pattern on ebay.

  5. Do you still have the pattern for the Trick or treat box? I have checked with Silver Needle and you can't get this anymore but if I could buy the chart from you then I could just wing it and kinda make it my way. I just won't have all the stuff that came with the kit so I would have to improvise instead.Please write to me at