Thursday, June 18, 2009

Queen of the Needle is Complete

I finished my version of Queen of the Needle today. This took me two weeks to stitch but I was already getting tired of it towards the end but that is probably because I have a couple of other projects on my mind now. Some parts had a lot of color changes and I don't care for that too much especially when some of the colors were so similar. I will be framing it eventually but I am not sure when.

I have got Sirens of the Sea all ready to start stitching. I pulled the dmc flosses for it today and some variation flosses too. It is not very big but...big surprise, there is quite a bit of over 1 stitching. All of the words are over 1 and I think I am going to find another alphabet to put there that is not over 1; I don't care for over 1 stitching too much, a little is o.k.

The changes I made to QotN are as follows:

Band 1: changed the white corner motifs to light pink (dmc 3689), deleted the small flower pots and added two mill hill bunny buttons. Changed the color of the flowers in the pot from the 3 shades of pink to 1 dmc variations pink (4180).

Band 2: changed from pink to dmc 422 (gold tone) and b/s with petite treasure braid 026 (gold)

Band 3: no changes

Band 4: Pink beads changed to lavender, B/S tops of pansies with black dmc, alternate flower button

Band 5: no changes

Band 6: no changes

Band 7: changed fan vault stitch to a border from Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs, stitched it in dmc variations 4180.

Band 8: Deleted verse, moved 1 bird to band 10, changed pinks in crown to white & ptb 026, changed pink beads to lavender.

Band 9: changed cashmere stitch to a satin diamond stitch.

Band 10: deleted verse, added bird from band 8, added my own flowers with dmc variations (lavender color), added a line of grass, added charms.

Band 11: deleted

Band 12: deleted

Band 13: changed all colors to dmc variations in green for vines, pink and lavender for the flowers, left out round eyelets from center of flowers, added charms.

Between band 13 and band 14: added an opposite for band 2 in dmc 422 and ptb 026.

Band 14: changed white corners to pink (dmc 3689), changed pink beads above tulips to pearl beads, changed the 3 white flowers--deleted 2 and mimiced somewhat flower in band 1 for center flower using a dmc variation floss, left out vines, added over 1 ladybugs from band 11, used Crescent colors desert mesquite for the green leaves.


  1. QOTN is absolutely gorgeous... congrats on the finish.

  2. Gah I can't believe I didn't comment! I've been staring and admiring your finished piece since you posted LOL!

    LOVE IT!!! I hope one day to be as brave as you to make customisations and make a piece truly my own, and gorgeous to boot!