Saturday, June 27, 2009

New here

Hi everyone

Thanks to Tracy for letting me join. I've been a JN fan for many years, and have acquired many JN charts over the years. Last year I started to have a JN day each week, and only stitched on JN on Sundays. Lately this has stopped, but I need to resurrect it, would anyone care to join me on JN Sundays? I can't stitch tomorrow though.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    I would love to join you on JN Sundays...on weeks when I actually have a JN going on. I am working on one now but with any luck I will be finished with it by next Sunday.

  2. Welcome to the group! :)
    I'm only a recent JN fan so am trying to catch up fast; PLEASE share images of your work, or even better a link to your gallery so we can admire all your stitched JNs!!!

    As for stitching JN on Sundays, I'm up for it! And since it's Sunday for me right now, I can start asap :D