Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Nan Design List

Hello everyone :)
Thanks for your feedback and thoughts on a page dedicated to listing information on Just Nan's harder to find designs.
I have begun work on the page and you can view it here:

No actual information yet, because I was hoping for help from you guys :)
There is a lot on that list I own myself, but many MANY more that I don't own.

What I would love is if you could please take the time to go over the list, recognise any charts/kits etc you own and hopefully send me as much information you can about it. This includes photos of the chart itself (although not detailed enough to show a workable pattern, but enough so that people can see what they should be getting) or atleast a photo of the completed piece; and information about where it was released, how it was released, and anything special about the design e.g. was it released at a show, was it a complimentary pattern given with purchase of a charm, was it a shop only exclusive etc.

I am also big on giving credit where it's due, so please also tell me how you wish to be credit (your nickname or real name) and the link to your blog or site you want me to link back to.

Contact me on: asrafrate @ gmail . com
(remove the spaces)

ANY help would be appreciated; and hopefully with our powers combined (sorry couldn't resist that line LOL!) we'll make a resource for Just Nan fans everywhere. Thankyou! :)


  1. Great job on the start of the list!
    If I can find out any info on these I will pass it along. ;)

  2. Thanks Mel I'd appreciate it! Its just a START though, the scratch list is much much longer! LOL!